Toppen af Danmark

Picnic in the winter in the Top of Denmark

Winter is not only a dark season. You will also find bright and sunny days; maybe cold, but also fresh and stimulating. Furthermore it is great that you withstand colds and virus better when out in fresh air.

Go out into the woods

It is free. It is healthy. And it is lots of fun. A walk in the woods is a great experience for the entire family. The woods are available all year. And following the change of the seasons, you will find many different experiences in the woods.

A picnic on a winter's day with moist weather is a wealth of experiences for the senses. Smells, colours and sounds are special for this season.

A hike for everybody

The Danish agency Naturstyrelsen has published some folders with suggestions for routes - and with suggestions for different disabled-friendly routes with access for a wheelchair.