Toppen af Danmark

Angling during winter in the Top of Denmark

Even though the winter is cold and icy, angling is definitely possible. Dress according to the weather, find the right spot for fishing and use the correct gear. Don't wait for spring - just try your luck in your winter holidays.

Angling during winter

When the cold time starts, many anglers pack away their fishing gear and wait for spring.

However even though the winter time is coming with snow and frost, angling is definitely possible. The hunt for fat cod or bright and shiny sea trout is open for all interested in trying their hand at fishing in winter time.

Finding the perfect spot

When fishing during winter time, the primary thing is to find the right spot for fishing. With the many kilometres of coastline in the Land of Light, this should be possible.

A great fishing spot during winter is a place where fresh water has its outfall at the coast, e.g. near a stream or a brook. Of course you have to be attentive to the rules regarding protection of the area. Another place would be where a spring sends out fresh water to the sea. These springs are often to find in areas with hills and slopes. Due to a lower content of salt which the trout prefer in cold weather, fresh water is a pure sea trout magnet when cold outside.

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Slowly angling

To angle slowly is great advice. The sea trouts have no energy to move quickly in the salty water with a temperature close to frost. Also they find very little food in the water at this time so you will have good chances. Because you have food - and because you angle slowly.


One of the preconditions for a nice fishing trip is the correct clothing. It is cold and you have to keep the warmt. It is better to wear to much than too little clothes. After all - it is nicer to take off some clothing again than to go home without fish because you are cold.


Remember something warm to drink, e.g. coffee, the or cocoa. If you are just a little creative, you can use a throwaway grill to grill sausages and bread. Nothing is better than some hot provisions for a cold winter's day.


When wading along the coast in cold weather, you should never walk alone. If tripping, it might be crucial to have a helping hand nearby to help you back on your feet. A mobile phone is also a good idea to be able to call for help og notify your family if delayed.

Rules for fishing along the coast

There are not that many official rules for fishing along the coastline. Here the common sense applies. However it is clever to obey to some unwritten rules amongst anglers. In this way all will have a great angling experience - also in future.