Toppen af Danmark

Weekly Guided walks in Tversted

Badehotel Tannishus arranges weekly Summer Walks with Guide in collaboration with The Sky Is Blue.
This summer's weekly walks from Badehotel Tannishus start and end all outside the hotel.The family trip on Monday lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. The trip will primarily take place in the dune, meadow and beach area close to Tversted Beach. Along the way we will experience the authentic and raw nature that is prevalent in this unique natural area. I wonder if we see some exciting birds, animals and other things that can help make the trip unforgettable. The trip will be for everyone and the hiking pace will not be higher than everyone can keep up with.On the trip on Thursday, the route is approx. 10km, and there we get a little further around and will i.a. experience the fantastic nature around Uggerby Å´'s outlet. In this area there is a fantastic fauna and flora and the place is used by many for cycling, hiking - but of course also fishing. Finally, there are many exciting and edible mushrooms.