The Water Tower and Pillar of Solstice in Løkken

Photo: Løkken Turistbureau
Løkken Water Tower, Signal Mast and Sea Mark are all parts of the Løkken Skyline. Løkken Water Tower is hard to miss on the way to the beach!

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9480 Løkken


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Løkken's Water Tower opened July 1st 1917. Back then it was an important part of Løkken's water supply. 140.000 liters of water was stored in the tower and could be transported to the citizens when they opened their water taps. Inside the water there was a pump which pumped water into the tower when water levels ran low. This process kept the water moving which meant it would not freeze during the winter. In 1969 the water tower had its roof renovated, and also got a new kobber gutter. On the top of the water tower recides a 2 meter long fish in kobber showing the wind direction. 

At the foot of the tower you will find Bodil Dam's Solstice Pillar which was built in 2004. It shows where the sun sets during winter and summer solstice. The citizens of Løkken gather here at the shortest and longest days of the year to celebrate the sun. 

There is a wonderful view from Løkken Water Tower and it is definitely worth a visit on your trip to Løkken.


Sdr. Strandvej

9480 Løkken



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