Keramik i Toppen af Danmark
Gl Skagen Forår

Spring in the Top of Denmark

The days are getting longer and brighter, spring is around the corner, and your mood raises with the sun higher on the sky. In the Top of Denmark you can enjoy the fresh air of spring and the sun with many different outdoor activities such as hiking in the woods or on the beach or on marked biking routes. Indoors spring is the perfect time for art and cultural events with exhibitions of craftsmanship. 

Experience spring

Bird watching in the Top of Denmark

Get great tips for a successful bird watching trip.

The lighthouses along our coasts

Beautiful and well-preserved lighthouses can be found along the coast.

The art in The Top of Denmark

Experience the talented and creative artists.

Wellness in the Top of Denmark

The small luxury with the great effect.

Storytelling in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark with a dedicated and colourful troop of local storytellers

Natural attractions in the Top of Denmark

The Top of Denmark is famous for its extensive coastline and the unique sandy beaches.

The Top of Denmark for kids

The Top of Denmark - a paradise for kids!

Active holiday in the Top of Denmark

Have an active holiday in The Top of Denmark

Events during spring

Photo: Toppen af Danmark