Pop-Up Cinema

Løkken Turistbureau and Action House invite you and your family to true Autumn "hygge".

Bring your family to an unique pop-up cinema in Action House in Løkken.

Come to an Halloween decorated room with pumpkin lanterns, pillows on the floor, dressed up Halloween characters who serve you warm popcorn, cold soft drinks and candy.  


We would love to see you in a costume! 

You can show up as anyone or anything you want to. Hopefully vampires, zombies and many other characters will be seen among the guests in Action House. 


Animations movie: The Little Vampire (2017) with Danish language.

Together we are going to watch a movie with very good reviews. The movie is about a vampire boy named Rudolf and the human boy Anton who become good friends and together they fight against the vampire hunter Thorsen, so that Rudolf's family can live in peace.


Book tickets here:

Phone number: +45 98 99 10 09


Price: 45 DKK.