Outdoor at the North Sea Oceanarium

Photo: Hirtshals Turistbureau/Feriehusudlejning
Amusement & theme park

Nordsøen Oceanarium, Willemoesvej 2

9850 Hirtshals


Phone:98 94 44 44

Who will catch the biggest crab? How high is the wind speed at the North Sea? How do you find amber? You can learn about this and much more in the large outdoor area at the North Sea Oceanarium.
You will find one of Denmark’s largest harbor seal exhibit, and can experience a seal feeding.
You can fish for real live crabs at the “Crab Coast”. On the new attraction, Ship O'Hoy, you can experience the forces of nature and a genuine wheelhouse. And you can go amber hunting and learn what to look for when you want to find amber in nature.
At the playground, you will find climbing tower, slides and a cable car.

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Nordsøen Oceanarium, Willemoesvej 2

9850 Hirtshals


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