The North Sea Oceanarium

Northern Europe's largest aquarium offers exciting adventures under the sea. Meet the sunfish, the playful seals, and all the other sea creatures. All year round there are fun activities for the whole family.


The North Sea Ocenarium has made a couple of initiatives to ensure the guests are feeling secure during their visit. We’re following the latest lines of guidance from the Danish National Health Service. The exhibition is arranged so big crowds are avoided. This also means that some of the smaller areas will be closed to begin with.

We have made following changes:

  • Our outdoor area is expanded to 6000 m2, and the indoor area is 10.000 m2
  • Distance markers
  • Extra cleaning
  • Extra staff
  • Special signage
  • Staffed Information Desk
  • Arrangement of disinfectants for hands and surfaces
  • Certain parts of the exhibition with “one-way” restrictions
  • Animal feedings with certain restrictions - activities are adapted to the number of guests
  • Access restrictions in some parts of the exhibition


A visit to Northern Europe's largest aquarium takes you on an exciting adventure underwater. Our 10,000 square meters indoor, 5,000 square meters outdoor, 70 tanks and more than 6,500 fish and other marine animals, offers the opportunity to spend a full day “at sea” and even “under water“. Explore the 7 destinations, dive to the bottom of the sea, go on adventure in the shipwreck or catch crabs with your bare hands. Pad a star fish on its back, face the cute seals and search for the gold of the North Sea. There are many fun experiences and activities indoor and outdoor.

In close contact with the sea

Enjoy the gigantic aquarium, Oceanariet, with its 4.500.000 liters of ocean water, thousands of shoals of fish and other marine animals. Follow the journey of the diver when he explores the stone reefs, the wreck and the sandy bottom. Get close to hungry sharks and the good-natured sunfish which are handfed.

No sunfish in the Oceanarium at the moment

We don’t have a sunfish in the Oceanarium at the moment. Our latest sunfish had bad kidneys and died in January.

Through the years we have successfully had sunfish in the Oceanarium most of the time, but we have had times without sunfish before, when we haven’t been able to get any new specimens.

The explanation is that we either get the sunfish from Danish waters – mostly during autumn – or alternatively get them small from Southern Europe.

As soon as our vendor from Southern Europe can deliver new sunfish, we will get them flown into their new home. When that will be exactly, depends on the possibilities of finding them in the open seas of Southern Europe.

The giants of the sea and cute predators

In “Hvalforskerhytten” (the cottage of the whale researchers) is it possible to explore the interesting life of the whale researchers. Experience the large skeleton from the fin whale from Blokhus in specific periods.
Meet the seal, the largest predator in Denmark, up close in the large outdoor habitat. And get even closer to them in the 12 metes long underwater tunnel.

The hunters of the North Sea
- New exhibition in summer 2019!

BIG OCEAN WINDOW - Go exploring in the food chain of the North Sea, where you can encounter everything from the smallest plankton to the largest predators. The window is the largest interactive screen in Scandinavia, where large whales, shoals of fish and dangerous sharks lives close to each other. Experience the new involving seal exhibition where you can get close to the largest predator of Denmark.

3 unique aquariums

The new exhibition contains three aquariums where you can see jelly fish, shoals of fish and predators up close. This unique exhibition can be enjoyed on two floors providing a very special experience.

Taste the North Sea

At our lovely restaurant we serve tasty and simple fish dishes. The dishes vary from season to season – It is freshly caught, healthy and sustainable. You can also bring your own lunch when you visit the North Sea Oceanarium.

The shop “Pakhuset” has a wide selection of souvenirs, gift articles, books and much more. Stop by and feel free to shop around for something special.

For kids

With an expedition pass with fun tasks at hand the kids can explore every inch of the exhibition. The expedition consists of 7 different destinations in the North Sea, and there’s a stamp at each site. When the kids have found the 7 stamps, they receive a diploma and a sticker. Why not also try the “Movie Maker” virtual app which enables you to make your own expedition film?

See opening hours

Buy your discount ticket at the tourist information in Hirtshals and skip the line.