Toppen af Danmark

Bird watching in the Top of Denmark

The Top of Denmark is perfect for bird watching all year round. Find tips for great bird watching places and for what to bring when going bird watching. See the spring migration over Skagen and enjoy the unique nature in the Top of Denmark.

The Top of Denmark - the best place to spot birds - whatever the time of year!

The northern part of Denmark is a magical region to watch birds. This region of Denmark contains a great mosaic of landscapes and habitats, as a result of which there's a huge number of different species of birds - ranging from the smallest Goldcrests to Europe's tallest bird, the Crane - that can be spotted in the region. You can see a great number of common species of birds at various locations such as the beach, sea, salt marshes, dune heaths, bogs, deciduous and coniferous forests, river valleys and rocky islets. You may also be lucky enough to see extremely rare species.

In the Top of Denmark you can see fantastic birds all year round.



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