Toppen af Danmark

Music Festival in Hirtshals - CANCELLED

Every year in July, Music is arranged under the Stairs in Hirtshals. In 8 days, you can experience 30 bands that offer great musical experiences and great variety, so there is something for everyone. There is free admission every evening.

The Musik Under Trappen-association hopes to find a way to hold the annual Music Under Trappen, despite the corona virus. Follow them on their facebook and stay informed as they send out news.

In 1999 the first time of the music festival ‘Musik Under Trappen’ took place. Back then the event took place in a small tent by the west harbor with a few bands and a small audience. Since then the event has grown and is now a well-known event among locals and tourists. The event takes place during one week in July, where almost 10.000 people participated in 2017.

The concept has always been to offer great musical experiences with no entrance fee. The concerts have always been a mix of new and known bands. This is to give room for upcoming bands and musicians. During the 8 days the event takes place you can experience 30 different bands.

All musicians that has participated in the event has done it for free and has only received beer and hotdogs as payment. However, the main names who performs Wednesday at the event has been paid in a little more that food and beverages.

During the days of the event you can experience the amazing atmosphere and the buzzing life of Hirtshals. Enjoy some of the many great restaurants and go shopping in the little interesting shops. ‘Musik Under Trappen’ takes place all the way down to the water, and you can enjoy the view of Hirtshals harbor and the beautiful west coast, all while the ferries arrives and leaves.

Read more about the festival here and join next years event which will be the 21st time of the event. Everyone is welcome, and everyone can enjoy the great music under the open air.

We are happy to welcome you next year during Musik Under Trappen.