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Massage til alle

Massage for alle is located in Lønstrup, and is a cozy and welcoming clinic.

Massage for all is a cozy light and welcoming clinic situated in Lønstrup with professional massage for treatment and wellbeing.

Fysiurgisk massage is a type of massage where you work with the depth of the muscles and the blood flow will hereby increase and any effluent will disappear though the lymphatic system.

Hot stone massage with warm lava stones that are heated up to 50 degrees. Massage with the hot stones give a special experience of wellbeing and the heat makes it possible to work deeper into the tissue of the skin. It’s very comfortable, destressing and energizing massage where the body is experienced as free and light afterwards.

Massage for all offers:

-Fysiurgisk massage.
-Hot stones massage.
-Pregnancy massage.
-Relaxation massage.
-Sports massage. 

The clinic is open for appointments.

Prices start at 275 DKK.

For more information and time reservation call at +45 25 33 27 59 or email