Mariendal El-Teknik

Mariendal El-Teknik offer a wide range of solutions and services within electrical installations for both the commercial and private markets. Regardless of the nature and size of the task, we strive to create value for our customers and deliver future-proof solutions at the agreed time, quality and price.

We have the skills and capacity for very large and complex installations, and our solutions are aimed at a wide range of industries and individuals. We follow and assist the customer in all stages of need - from consulting, design, installation, commissioning and quality control, to subsequent service and maintenance of the existing installations.

We have a high professional pride and we work to solve all types of tasks competently, efficiently and in the highest quality - and you will find that at Mariendal El-Teknik -  an agreement is an agreement - we do not go until the task is solved.

There is an ongoing development in the field of electricity, among other things. in connection with environmentally friendly and energy-saving installations. Mariendal El-Teknik has been a part of this development since the 1920s - and with our focus on future-proof and professional solutions we will continue to do so in the future