Ludvig and Santa Claus at Børglum Monastery

Behind the scenes
Børglum Abbey has been the setting for Danish TV-channel TV2's production "Ludvig & Santa Claus", a popular advent calendar tv-series.
The Rottbøll family opened the doors to the private sections of the monastery and hosted several exhibitions about life at the monastery/the manor house.

Børglum Monastery - the historical centre of Vendsyssel

The monastery has an impressive 13th century cathedral. You can also access the 3000m2 historical and artistic exhibition of Stygge Krumpen and Chr. Michael Rottbøll. In 2011 the abbey was setting for TV2's advent calendar tv- series "Ludvig and Santa Claus" - see exhibition in the abbey.

Augustiner monks built Boerglum monastery

From 1035 to 1220 Augustiner monks created the monastery. Later on, it was the Praemonstratenser monks who lived at the abbey. The Børglum abbey worked as a monastery for monks until the reformation in 1536, where it became crown lands, and from 1536 to 1669 the yard was run by royal selected vassals until it in 1669 it was passed into private ownership.

The Børglum monastery has been rebuilt in 1650 and in 1750, latest by royal master builder Laurids de Thura. Today it is Anne and Hans Rottbøll who own/live in the old buildings together with their family, and they are 6th and 7th generation of the Rottbøll family who owns the Børglum monastery.