Long- Term parking in Hirtshals

In Hirtshals, long-term parkering is offered both at Hirtshals Transport Center and at Montra Skaga Hotel.

At Hirtshals Transport Center, long-term parking is offered both with and without video surveillance.

Long term parking Hirtshals Transport Centre or Montra Skaga Hotel

You can park free of charge at most of the Hirtshals Transport Centre. Or you can park at a special area with video surveillance for a small fee. Parking is either way at your own risk. The distance between Hirtshals Transport Centre and the three ferry companies Smyril Line, Fjord Line and Color Line is approximately 2-3 km. From Skaga Hotel app. 1,5 km to the Color Line terminal, and app. 3 km to the Fjord Line Terminal.

Booking Hirtshals Transport Centre:

Montra Skaga Hotel: Mail to - Tel.  +45 9894 5500

Taxi from parking lot to the ferries: Godis Taxa  tel. +45 9894 1789 or Taxi24Nord tel. +45 9892 4200

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