Toppen af Danmark
Herregården Odden

Manor houses in the Top of Denmark

The manor houses in the Top of Denmark are home to a fantastic history. Today we're able to visit a number of them and feel the presence of history and enjoy the beautiful and, not least, atmospheric settings.

Near Frederikshavn you can visit the manor houses of Bangsbo and Knivholt, whilst east of Hirtshals close to Mygdal lies the manor house of Odden. Odden and Bangsbo are famous for their collections.

Herregården Odden

East of Hirtshals near Mygdal lies the manor house of Odden. Odden is a striking, rustic building with an unmistakable character of the Middle Ages, and also Denmark's northernmost manor house. The manor house was originally situated on a low ridge surrounded by a moat, which gave it the name Odden.

Today the historic buildings house a unique collection of the works of the painter J.F. Willumsen - from initial sketches to finished paintings.

Herregården Bangsbo

Bangsbo, "The White Farm", as it was called by the writer Herman Bang, is located on the southern outskirts of Frederikshavn and was once an oasis for Denmark's greatest writers - at around the same time that the painters gathered in Skagen. The original main building can be dated back to 1364, but the current main building is from around 1750. The beautiful thatched barn with timber framing is from the 1580s.

Today the main building's 3 wings contain an exhibition of the history of the town of Frederikshavn. Furthermore, the well-preserved buildings are all designed to hold exhibitions. The park close to Bangsbo Hovedgård has been restored to its former appearance at around the turn of the century in old English garden style.

Knivholt Hovedgård

The manor house originates from the 15th century. In the 18th century the courtyard was extended to four wings with a gate making up the main entrance.

In recent years Knivholt Hovedgård has been renovated and equipped with period workshops which retired craftsmen bring to life. In addition, there's a baroque garden that imitates the style from earlier gardens, and lakes which are in the process of being recreated.

Knivholt's large courtyard also provides the setting for annual open air concerts featuring well-known artists.