Toppen af Danmark
Den svenske sømandskirke

Churches in the Top of Denmark

Rising up in all their splendour, the churches in the Top of Denmark tell the story of days gone by.

The churches in the Top of Denmark are very varied: Abbey churches, manor house churches, village churches, modern churches, non-traditional churches, beautiful whitewashed churches and churches built from granite blocks or boulders.

Some churches are quite modest and a number of churches are devoid of pomp and circumstance, whilst others contain numerous attractions in terms of art and decoration.

Churches famous for their fine fresco paintings:

Bindslev Kirke is famous for one of the finest early Medieval works of art: Mary with Child.

Sæby Kirke is famous for its fine fresco paintings from the beginning of the 16th century which depict the story of the Virgin Mary's parents.

Exciting altarpieces

In the Top of Denmark you will find several altarpieces painted by famous artists. The altarpieces in Sindal Gl. Kirke and in Frederikshavn Kirke are, for example, painted by the Skagen painter Michael Ancher. In the church at Børglum Abbey there is a splendid 12-metre high altarpiece. In Vennebjerg Kirke the altarpiece was the work of the Vendsyssel painter Svend Engelund.

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