Toppen af Danmark
Børglum kloster

Abbeys in the Top of Denmark

Rising up in all their splendour, the abbeys in the Top of Denmark tell the story of days gone by.

Børglum Abbey – a magnificent wonder

During the Middle Ages, Vendsyssel was governed from a hilltop between Vrå and Løkken by the bishop Stygge Krumpen until the Reformation in 1536. Earlier, Børglum had been a royal estate and also played an important role in the history of Denmark. The abbey in its present form was commenced in around 1220 and was at that time a Premonstratensian monastery.

Børglum Abbey still has an attractive location on its hilltop. The massive white walls can be seen for miles around. Despite its somewhat hostile appearance from outside, the courtyard is friendly and romantic with its pollarded lime trees. Since 1835 Børlum has been owned by the Rotbøll family and is today home to the 6th generation of the family.

The courtyard and church are open to the public. The abbey's many buildings contain exhibitions of life in the abbey throughout the ages.

Vrejlev Abbey

12 km east of Børglum lies Vrejlev Abbey, which was one of Scandinavia's only convents for nuns of the Premonstratensian order. In actual fact, the original intention was for Børglum Abbey to be a so-called "double abbey" for both monks and nuns, but the head abbey in Premontré in France objected to this.

The convent was thus built at a suitable distance from Børglum.

Vrejlev Abbey is run as an agricultural estate and there's no access to the gardens or buildings.


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