Toppen af Danmark

Fresh ingredients in the Top of Denmark

The seas, the fields and the forests are the pantries of the Top of Denmark. Here you can find fresh fish, exquisite wild mushrooms, ripe berries and strong herbs from which to make snaps.

Fresh ingredients - nature's treasure trove

Here you get a small taste of a part of the specialities, delicacies, and fresh ingredients from nature in the Top of Denmark and from the food producers in the region.

Just think of the shiny silver fish that are found in the seas around the Land of Light and which are transformed into exquisite dishes by skillful chefs. Or large pink Norway lobsters that can be boiled or barbecued to become a local delicacy.

We're also proud of our lambs and beef cattle that graze in scenic surroundings and end up as tender and tasty roasts or steaks. Such delights can be washed down by the golden, hand-brewed beer produced by the small local breweries. Dream of red strawberries in the classic dish served with fresh cream; a tempting dessert when the sun is high in the sky.

Farms and farm shops

The climate and soil provide ideal conditions for the production of food. Farms and farm shops sell a huge range of berries and vegetables that have just been harvested from the fields. Or you can visit during opening hours and pick your own berries or dig up your own potatoes. The flavour and freshness speak for themselves - yum yum...

Roadside stalls sell tempting vegetables and berries. Signs proclaiming "Strawberries for sale", "Peas and leeks" or "Fresh new potatoes" are difficult to ignore when out on a drive in the countryside.

The Top of Denmark is known for its aromatically-flavoured snaps

The region has a long tradition for producing snaps flavoured with different herbs – for medicinal purposes, of course! Nature contains a lot of exciting herbs and berries that make perfect natural flavourings, including bog myrtle, wormwood, sloe and juniper.

If you wish to learn more about the herbs used in making snaps, there are special snaps routes and tours led by nature interpreters and other expert guides. Alternatively, you can visit Hirtshals Museum and see exhibitions of snaps and herbs.