Toppen af Danmark
Frisk fisk

Fresh fish in the Top of Denmark

Let yourself be tempted by our many fish restaurants and fishmongers’ in the Top of Denmark with fresh fish from the sea.

Fresh fish on the table

As the Top of Denmark is surrounded by sea to almost all sides, fresh fish is a commonly used ingredient in dishes and is bought in almost every supermarket and every city. At the fishmonger's as well as in restaurants and cafés. Fish is healthy and contains many vital nutrients. It's recommended that you eat fish at least twice a week. So just let yourself be tempted by the many delicious fresh fish from the sea around us. 

Fresh fish on the menu every day – sound tempting?

Prepared with loving care by chefs and using the region's herbs at the restaurants in the Land of Light. Or bought at the local fishmonger's following expert advice and cooked by you on the cooker or the barbecue.

Fish restaurants in the Top of Denmark

The majority of restaurants in the Top of Denmark bid you welcome with both traditional and exciting new fish dishes. On special evenings some fish restaurants have famous fish tables on the menu with the opportunity of enjoying a special big selection of interesting fish dishes.

Fishmongers' in the Top of Denmark

A wide range of fresh and smoked fish can be found at fishmongers' in the Top of Denmark. You can also get advice and guidance before perhaps choosing a fish you've never tasted before. Of course, it requires a bit of courage to try something completely new, but you'll be rewarded by exciting taste sensations. Perhaps you should try a smoked mackerel or freshly boiled Norway lobster tails - typical Danish world-class delicacies. In many towns that don't have their own fishmonger's, there will often be a van selling fresh fish on a particular day of the week.