Toppen af Danmark
Skagen Bryghus

Breweries in the Top of Denmark

Visiting a brewery is also a cultural experience in which beer, food and a guided tour of the brewery can be combined

In the Top of Denmark, beer is brewed in the small breweries which during recent years have popped up and reestablished the traditional craft of brewing special beer of high quality, each with its own distinctive character and atmosphere. 

Microbreweries in the Top of Denmark

At the breweries in the Land of Light, beer is produced by hand. The microbreweries focus on taste by giving the beer personal care and attention and sufficient time to complete the brewing process. Raw ingredients of the highest quality are used, and beer is brewed which in terms of taste and smell is quite different to traditional Danish lagers. The range and diversity of the different variants of ale, Weissbier and the classic beer types such as stout and lager are practically infinite. Variations of seasonal beer such as Christmas and Easter brews also come onto the market as these festive seasons approach.

Special attractions related to beer - a guided tour

On certain days of the week there are guided tours at different breweries in which guests can take part and hear more about brewing the beer, the various types of beer and perhaps also be able to taste one or more types of beer. Prices of guided tours and more information about when guided tours take place can be seen on the brewery in question's website.

Eat well at the brewery

You're usually also able to eat in the comfortable surroundings of the brewery. Some breweries also have a pub and serve light lunches, whilst others are actually combined microbreweries and restaurants that are also open in the evening and where delicious food and great beer combine to provide an experience that is quite out of the ordinary.

Skagen Bryghus

Oplev Skagen Bryghus hvor den altid velsmagende øl bliver serveret i den allerbedste Skagen-atmosfære. Bryghuset har et stort udvalg af øl, til glæde for alle ølentusiaster.