Surf i Løkken

The Top of Denmark for kids

Photo: Toppen af Danmark

Visit major attractions such as the North Sea Oceanarium, Vendsyssel Historical Museum or Skagens Museum, which always offers fun events for children. Or head to the coasts where bathing and beach life await with many hours of fun and play in the dunes and waterfront.

Visit the Bolcheriet in Skagen or Løkken or hop in your swimwear and take a walk in the water park or playland on a rainy day. The many art museums and historical museums allow for many fun and different experiences. But when the sun comes up, it's time for outdoor activities, such as a canoe trip, horseback ride or just a bike ride of one of the many exciting routes in the area.

If you want to give your children an experience they will never forget, take them on one of the countless nature experiences found in the Top of Denmark. Visit Råbjerg Mile, Denmark's largest hiking dune. Or take the Sandworm all the way to the outermost tip of the branch in Skagen, where the two have met or Rubjerg Knude, which is in danger of crashing into the sea soon. Nature is full of free joys that fascinate both children and adults.

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