Toppen af Danmark

Cycling holidays in The Top of Denmark

Good routes - plenty to see.

On a bike there's plenty of opportunity to explore the furthest reaches of the region. There are lots of well-marked or signposted national, regional and local cycle routes.

Experience the Top of Denmark's culture, nature and landscapes at first hand from the saddle - be intoxicated by the fresh air and the wind from the sea in wonderful cycling country that isn't too physically demanding – but where peace and tranquility open your senses and allow thoughts to run free.

Cycling maps

At the local tourist offices you can pick up tour folders and get inspiration for several cycling trips in the local area. There's a well-developed network of both national and regional cycle paths that take you through beautiful landscapes and fantastic countryside all over the region, including routes from coast to coast - and in the North of Jutland you don't have to be a mountain specialist to get around.

Cykeltur på Stranden i Hirtshals

Overnight accommodation

Along the routes there are places to stay overnight to suite all tastes and wallets. Bed & Breakfast, private rooms, farm holidays, hostels, campsites, inns and hotels.

Rent a bike

If you don't bring your own bike on your holiday, you can also choose to rent a bike. In the Top of Denmark you will find many bicycle rentals renting bicycles in good quality. In this way you will be able to enjoy a nice day on a bike during your holidays - and maybe you will get a taste for spending your next holiday on bicycle.

Bicycle rentals in the Top of Denmark

Cycle routes

The Top of Denmark is an ideal platform for going on a cycling holiday or on excursions on two wheels. From Skagen in north to Løkken and Sæby in south and across the middle with Hjørring bjerge and Tolne you will find many marked cycling routes that provide the optimal possibilities for coming close to the unique nature in North Jutland. Enjoy nature, the smells and the silence, decide your own pace and stop whenever you feel like it. More information about the cycling routes is available at local tourist offices.