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Communal Dining Hotel Løkken Strand

Communal Dining at Hotel Løkken Strand

Come and participate in a lovely evening containing brilliant food and nice surroundings

Communal Dining at Hotel Løkken Strand

Come and participate in an unusually festive event at Hotel Løkken Strand with focus on brilliant food, happy guests and high spirit. This brand-new concept is called Communal Dining and the idea is simply that the doors to the restaurant will be opened for the entire town. Locals, tourists and the guests of the hotel alike, will all be able to sit down and enjoy a nice meal in community.

The menu of the evening will be the same for all participants but will, however, vary depending on which date you choose to participate, so you will diffidently be able to participate more than once. This event is an obvious possibility for you and your friends or family who are looking for a night out including nice local food and loads of happy surroundings.

Experience an unforgettable evening and get the taste of Løkken. Do not waste time and book your table already now, to ensure that you will not miss out the next time this cozy and festive event takes place!