Toppen af Danmark

Christmas shopping in the Top of Denmark

Shopping in the Top of Denmark is a great experience with activities, shops and unique craftsmanship. During December the cities are decorated for Christmas with festoons, Christmas trees and pixies.

Christmas shopping in the cities

You don't have to travel far to go Christmas shopping during your holidays. The smaller cities such as Hirtshals, Skagen, Hjørring, Løkken and Frederikshavn offer shops with most goods. If you go shopping on a rainy day, you might prefer the mall Metropol in Hjørring. On a sunny day, you might prefer to enjoy a walk up and down the streets in Frederikshavn, Hirtshals, Løkken or Skagen.

In most of the cities you may during November and December shop at Christmas by Night events. At these events it is possible to shop all day and evening - and the cities are full of life, Christmas spirits and activities.

Many places the kids may of course meet Santa Claus.

Buy unique Christmas presents

If you plan on buying a different and unique Christmas present, it is the obvious choice to visit one of the many craftsmen in the Top of Denmark - especially in Lønstrup, Sæby and Tversted you will find many craftsmen with shopping possibilities. In Lønstrup they are practically placed side-by-side in the main road. Come for a visit and shop for a unique Christmas present.

More about arts and crafts in the Top of Denmark

You might also visit one of the Christmas markets in the Top of Denmark with shopping possibilities. Here you might meet craftsmen and local farm shops selling their delicious local products and beautiful craftsmanship.

Selection of Christmas markets

After shopping

When you get bored from shopping, you may visit one of the many cosy Christmas decorated restaurants or cafés in the Top of Denmark for a break. Enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee after the succeded shopping trip. In many places you might enjoy live entertainment with Christmas carols or other music.

Selection of restaurants and cafés