Børglum Kloster - Art in the Abbey

Photo: Løkken Turistbureau
Many different art exhibitions.  Børglum Abbey - the historic centre of Vendsyssel with impressive 13th century cathedral. Access to 3000m2 historical and artistic exhibition on Pope Stygge Krumpen and Cap. Christian Michael Rottbøll. In 2011, the abbey served as the setting for TV2's advent calendar tv-series "Ludvig and Santa Claus" - see exhibition in the abbey.

Børglum Klostervej 255

9760 Vrå



Phone:98 99 40 11

fax:98 99 42 22

But the there are more than what meets the eye, Not only do the staff and Family Rottbøll make the effort to show you the historical exhibitions, but also invites great and popular artists inside the abbey walls. During the year different displays will be presented in "the old stable".



Børglum Klostervej 255

9760 Vrå


Entrance fee adults

85 DKK

Entrance fee children (0-6 years old)


Entrance - children (7-16 years)

40 DKK

Season card

200 DKK

Season card PLUS

500 DKK

Christmas events - adults

100 DKK

Christmas Events - children (7-16 years)

50 DKK

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