Toppen af Danmark

Finding mushrooms with the family in the Top of Denmark

Go find mushrooms with your family in your autumn holidays. In the Top of Denmark both beginners and trained mushroom hunters have a chance. In autumn you will find guided tours with mushroom hunting for the entire family or you can try to go on your own.

Autumn is time for mushrooms

In generel the mushroom season has been prolonged during the last couple of years and in August, September and October the mushrooms are turning up everywhere. Med den våde sommer med regn i overflod ser det ud til at blive en god svampesæson, og svampene pipler frem overalt.

This means that right now the forest floor is a treasury for mushroom hunters. The season normally begins in August and continues well into October.

For the entire family

It is interesting to go mushroom hunting. You experience nature at close and at the same time the entire family may participate. 

Whether you like mushrooms or not, you can always participate in the actual hunt with the excitement and the nature experience.

Helping beginners

If it is your first time to go mushroom hunting, it is always a good idea to go with a skilled nature guide who has tried this before and knows the area. In many places in the Top of Denmark you will find guided tours with these guides who are willing to share their knowledge about mushrooms with you. Normally, the places with many mushrooms are well kept local secrets, but the guides will also show you where to find the mushrooms.

Edible mushrooms

The chanterelle is without a doubt the edible mushroom easiest to recognize. It has no resemblance with any of the poisonous fungi and therefore you don't risk dangerous mistakes. The chanterelle is a delicious edible mushroom with long durability and a delicious taste. You will find it in both hardwood and softwood forest. E.g. Bunken Klitplantage (dunen plantation) is famous for being full of the chanterelle.