Autumn in Løkken

in The Top of Denmark

Efterår i sommerhus

Enjoy autumn in The Top of Denmark

Treat yourself with time off and go on a weekend or short break with plenty of time to enjoy time along with those you find special during autumn. Days where you decide the content: A weekend of relaxation, wellness and gastronomy for example. Or long walks in the fresh air and nature combined with art experiences, delicious food and accommodation in a house by the sea. Find inspiration for autumn with golf or head out to one of the many exciting events in the Top of Denmark.

Tips for a lovely autumn holiday

Autumn holiday for children

There are lots of exciting activities for children when you are on holiday in the top of Denmark. We have made a list of events for kids here.

Autumn holiday for 2

Autumn in the Top of Denmark is filled with festive, cultural and pleasant experiences. Here you can see a complete list of events that are most appealing to adults.

Finding mushrooms with the family in the Top of Denmark

Find mushrooms with your family in your autumn holidays.

Finding amber during autumn

When the storm has raged it's time to go look for amber.

Wellness in the Top of Denmark

The small luxury with the great effect.

Storytelling in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark with a dedicated and colourful troop of local storytellers

Halloween in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark end of October and celebrate Halloween.

The art in The Top of Denmark

Experience the talented and creative artists.