Toppen af Danmark
Glaskunst i Toppen af Danmark

Glass art in the Top of Denmark

Feel the heat from the glowing ovens and see at first hand how the artist brings the red-hot lump of glass to life and works it until it becomes a piece of unique glass art.

From molten mass to hard glass – glassblowing

Visit the many workshops and see how the glass artist handles the awkward and changeable glass.

Working with glass looks straightforward enough - the artist even looks relaxed. But this is deceptive. The glassblower doesn't need big lungs - it's a question of timing and the use of the correct technique.

The working procedure is carefully planned, as even the smallest detail has great importance. It requires great concentration, focus and good teamwork between the glass artists to produce the most attractive glass objects.

The cold glass!

Glass artists in the Top of Denmark don't only work with glass as a molten mass; it's also possible to find workshops which work with glass in a cold state - the so-called cold glass technique.

The glass artists cut pieces of glass from sheets of glass, after which the sheets are melted at high temperature to form a new designed sheet. When the sheets have been cooled, they are placed onto moulds and put back into the oven. The heat causes the glass to slowly sink down into the mould - and thereby adopt the desired shape.

It's impossible to predict exactly how the glass will behave in the ovens. Each melting process thus produces a surprise – and each piece of glass will have its own unique expression.

See the many different naive figures, colourful dishes, amusing sculptures and all the other glass objects that are created in the Top of Denmark.

Glass has many applications

Diversity is great when it comes to glass art. In the Top of Denmark it's possible to find artists that work the glass into drinking glasses, dishes, chandeliers, sculptures and much more besides.

Lay your table with unique wine glasses, where each glass has its own unique characteristic. Or enjoy a traditional herring lunch with snaps in a beautifully crafted glass, serve dinner on an enchanting glass dish or place elegant glass candle holders on the window sill on a dark winter evening. The opportunities are endless and the range of glass art enormous in Top of Denmark.

Get an insight into the magical world of glass

Glass is a fascinating material that can be used in many different ways, where indeed it's only one's imagination that defines the limits. Glass is hard, brittle and cold - but through the right working process it can also become soft, malleable, fluid and full of life and movement.

Working with glass involves clean lines and surfaces in which colours create spaces, movement and contrasts. The artists can work with these contrasts: light and dark, high and low, open and closed. Each artist works with glass in his or her own particular way and each glass object is thus a unique piece of work.

Let yourself be fascinated by the powerful and expressive colours in the glass and be enthralled by the interaction of the light in the glass. Depending on the weather, season and time of day, the glass changes character – according to how the light is refracted in the glass