Toppen af Danmark
Mountainbike i Toppen af Danmark

Mountainbiking in Top of Denmark

The top of Denmark offers plenty of opportunities for cycling experiences. For MTB enthusiasts, it is initially the five landscaped tracks that draw. They are found in Skagen, Katsig west of Frederikshavn, Sæby, Tornby and Bagterp on the southern outskirts of Hjørring.

Throughout the year there are a number of races and events where guests are also welcome to attend. In addition to the adrenaline kick of MTB routes, you probably want a little longer trips on mountain bikes, where competition is replaced by community and fun - and where there is also time to enjoy the scenery and the beautiful scenery. Leaflets and cards are available at the tourist offices. If you are more of a spontaneous and curious type, you probably just take the bike out in the blue in the direction of a landscape that suits you. Flat, undulating or hilly. There is always a dirt road or forest road that takes you away from road traffic and close to nature.


MTB i Toppen af Danmark

Mtb trails in Top of Denmark

MTB Tornby
Tornby Klitplantage

The trail is set between lakes, dunes and tall trees. It is technically challenging for even the best riders. The entire track is a singletrack with many small turns and look to the Skagerrak. A fun route, and although there are relatively few altitude meters, it is constantly going up and down, as are several places running in sand. The track is nicely maintained and is driven by white arrow - but in some places you can drive on a black route if you want more challenges. There is everything you could want - drops, stairs, sand graves and explosive climbs.

MTB i Skagen Klitplantage
Skagen Klitplantage

The MTB route runs in the easternmost part of the dune plantation and alternates between dirt road, sandy subsoil and well maintained, stable surface. The route has a good flow and is just as demanding for beginners to join. Do you want to run the rock garden is also an option. The area has only a few hills and a minimal number of climbs, so everyone can enjoy cycling and at the same time have a beautiful nature experience.

MTB Sæbygaard skov
Sæbygaard Forest

The MTB track in Sæbygård Forest offers challenges for both lightly experienced and experienced mountain bike riders. The trail is 5.1 km long and is divided into two passages - white arrow for all and red arrow for tanned. Several bridges have been established on the trail. A fast track with a good flow.

MTB Katsig Bakker
Katsig Bakker

The route in Katsig Bakker offers many small steep driveways and of course some exciting descents as well as a rock garden. Virtually the entire route is singletrack, so there is not much time to relax, which makes the track demanding to drive.

MTB Bagterp Plantage
Bagterp Plantage

A fun track with many turns laid in a small plantation on the southern outskirts of Hjørring. The track does not have the high altitude meters, but it goes up and down all the time, and if the pace is increased, there are challenges for most. The trail leads through different types of forest.

Pikkerbakkerne mtb frederikshavn
Pikkerbakkerne Mtb Frederikshavn

In the Bangsbo forest, mtb runs the trail. From the start down at the Mill House parking lot and up to the top at the lookout platform you will be challenged on physics. A nice varied track where beginners and practitioners can find challenges and many fun hours. The track is run counterclockwise

Sæbygaard mountainbike
Tversted klitplantage mtb

In Tversted kilt plantation there is a blue track that takes you around the plantation. The track does not offer many altimeter or neck breaking obstacles. This makes it a fun track where flow and speed come first.