Toppen af Danmark
Vandring i Toppen af Danmark

Hiking in the Top of Denmark

Close to Mother Nature on foot. If you want to experience nature at first hand, a walking or hiking trip in the varied landscape is an obvious choice. In the Top of Denmark you'll find excellent trails and routes of varying length.

Suggestions for walks

Parks, grounds and botanical gardens are obvious venues where you can take a walk thanks to their idyllic surroundings and distinctive characters.

Or enjoy the silence, the peace and the atmosphere on a walk along marked paths and minor roads in the Land of Light's attractive beech and deciduous forests - with idyllic streams that meander through the landscape or forest lakes with their beautiful lilies.

Dune plantations are also lovely natural resorts to walk through on foot. Marked footpaths of various lengths lead you through beautiful surroundings.

The North Sea Trail - a walk tracing the cultural history of the coastline

The North Sea Trail makes up a section of the more than 5000 km long path that has been established on old historic remains all the way around the North Sea.

The trail also goes through the Land of Light. There are stages along the west coast and along the Kattegat coast: in the west from Løkken to Skagen and from Skagen further south to Voerså.

Region North Jutland has published folders for each of the individual stretches of the trail containing maps and descriptions of what you can see on your route.

The trail is marked with blue signs and primarily follows existing field and forest roads, paths and minor tracks in the open countryside. At some places there are prepared paths that follow the natural terrain, boundaries or shelter belts. Information boards have been erected describing attractions on the route.

More about the North Sea Trail

The folders are available at tourist offices.