Toppen af Danmark

A great fishing trip in the Top of Denmark

If you bring the fishing rod with you on holiday, you will hardly find any better place than The Top of Denmark. The coast, the piers and the creeks invite you to plenty of fishing experiences.

Remember your fishing rods when going on holiday at the Top of Denmark, since the sea around us and the watercourses and lakes further inland offer a wealth of good fishing for both beginners and more experienced anglers. A fishing trip is a great activity for the whole family.

A fishing trip has both nerve-racking moments and periods of total relaxation. It’s this combination that makes angling such a great reliever of stress and a super holiday activity.

You get lots of fresh air, the sun’s rays on your cheeks and the wind in your hair. You have time to enjoy the scenery, and your hunting instinct is stimulated. And there’ll always be a few good stories to tell at the dinner table.

The dinner table is the second part of the joy of fishing. Having got lucky on your fishing trip, spent time cooking up something special in the kitchen and anticipating your family or friends tasting the delicious fish dish, the holiday will be a sure-fire success. If you have children with you on a fishing trip, we recommend put & take and natural lakes.

You can happily let your children fish here and the chances of a catch are good. Fishing from a breakwater is also good for kids, but remember to give them a life jacket to wear – the water is deep and the stones can be slippery.

Information for the angler

In Denmark anglers can fish freely from the coast and from harbour breakwaters, although everyone between 18 and 65 years of age must have a statutory fishing licence. This can be obtained at; prices are DKK 185 for a year, DKK 130 for a week and DKK 40 for a day.

If you wish to fish in freshwater sources such as lakes and streams, you’ll need permission from the local landowner,in addition to the fishing licence. In many areas fishing rights are managed by local angling associations which sell day passes to their fishing waters. Enquire at the tourist office as to where you’re allowed to fish and where you can purchase a pass. Fishing in put & take lakes does not require a fishing licence;you just need to pay admission to the fishing park.