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Skagen Bamsemuseum

Skagen Bamsemuseum

In Skagen you can visit the only teddy bear museum in Scandinavia - look forward to a really nice experience.

At Skagen Bamsemuseum (Teddy Bear Museum), there are teddy bears of all kinds, and many of them have an exciting historical background.

At the museum, the teddy bears live their own lives in the beautiful old Skagenshus with the lovely courtyard. Here the teddy bears engage in everything from joyful playing, painting and dining to sunbathing on the beach.

The teddy bears really show that they are loveable and cuddly bears who like to join in.

Via the teddy bears, you also get a good insight into Skagen's history, where e.g. the environment in which the Skagen painters lived is reproduced in a lovely teddy bear arrangement.

Skagen Bamsemuseum (Teddy Bear Museum) is Denmark's friendliest small museum, where each and every one of the small and large teddy bears tells a unique tale.

Skagen Bamsemuseum

Tlf. +45 98 44 21 08

Skagen Bamsemuseum


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Oddevej 2A

9990 Skagen


Longitude: 10.59775

Latitude: 57.725592