Out and about near Skagen

Photo: Turisthus Nord

Truly unspoilt and wild nature excists in very few places in Denmark. At Skagens Odde the waves and the force of the wind, shapes the surround nature. The tip of Jutland is also a hot-spot for migratory birds from all of the world.

Unique nature

Grenen Skagen

When you visit  Skagen , you have to experience the most Northern point of Denmark -  Grenen . Here, you will witness the unique natural phenomenon when the two seas, Skagerrak and Kattegat, meet in an effervescent dance.

Råbjerg Mile

This magnificent scenery makes a great destination for an excursion.

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Get to know the nature

Det Grå Fyr (Lighthouse)

Skagen Grey Lighthouse is an international experience center where you can follow migratory birds on their long journey.

Skagen Odde Naturcenter

Skagen Odde Naturcenter is beautifully located on the boundary to the nature area north of Skagen.

Naturhistorisk Museum - Skagen Naturcenter(Nature History Museum)

The museum’s exhibitions and tours of the countryside provide great inspiration for experiencing the scenic nature of the region.

Dune plantations


"Byfogedskoven" (town judge woods), which over the years have become completely enclosed by the town, were started in 1815 by the town judge, counsell...

Skagen Klitplantage

Skagen Klitplantage (dune plantation), with its position between two seas and its beautiful and varied terrain, is a worthy representative of the many...

Bunken Klitplantage

Bunken Klitplantage was established in 1887. Only the multi-trunked mountain pine, brought back from Central Europe mountains, had proved applicable u...

Aalbæk Klitplantage

In 1891, the danish state began to work on Aalbæk Klitplantage (Dune plantation). Today, the area covers 736 ha, and is primarily made up of sparse ...

Nature of interest


Ellekrattet is located in the Grenen area, and here You can observe migratory birds on the wing and resting in the scrub. In addition, You can watch...

Grenensporet- Experiences on Grenen

The Grenen Trail consists of more than twenty kilometers of hiking trails, of which the shortest (3 kms) is paved with gravel, enabling wheelchair us...


Sandmilen is, after Raabjerg Mile, Denmarks largest existing sand dune. 1 km in length, it blows directly into The Kattegat and is in all senses of ...

Hulsig Hede (Heath)

Hulsig Hede (heath) is protected and designated as an international protected area. The dune unit is in its nature one of Europe's largest and has si...