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Besøg Maskinrummet i Skagen

MASKINRUMMET - maritime museum

Maskinrummet (The Engine Room) is a brand new maritime museum in Skagen

Here you can experience an impressive collection of historical objects that have been used in fishing through the ages. In the exhibition you can see old dinghies, old engines and fishing effects, which gives you an insight into what fishing life has looked like for decades.

Maskinrummet opened in May 2021, and the many enthusiasts behind the museum have themselves helped to test drive and set up the old engines, all of which have undergone extensive renovation before they became exhibition effects at the museum.

On days when the weather allows, it is possible that some of the old engines are started up, so you can get a sense of the sound, that has been the fishermen's constant companion at sea.

Look forward to an exciting experience when you are taken back in time at Maskinrummet.


Open every day kl. 10.00-17.00


Oplev det nye museum i Skagen - Maksinrummet


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Jollevej 4

9990 Skagen


Longitude: 10.580473

Latitude: 57.715183