Toppen af Danmark

Kandestederne/Skiveren Strand

If you like harsh and wind-blown nature with delicious bathing water and white sandy beaches, then you must experience Kandestederne and Skiveren

For many Kandestederne is an overlooked paradise and it is a pity. Kandestederne is a fantastic place with cosy holiday home areas and not least, this is where you find Råbjerg Mile (The wandering sand dune)!

Råbjerg Mile is well known to most, but it's far from everyone who continues to the water, and that's a shame. The beach at Kandestederne is different from the beaches on the east coast, and probably more reminiscent of the beaches at Blokhus or Løkken. Here you can calmly and easily take the car down on the beach, park and enjoy a wonderful day by the water, or like many others, go for a cosy drive.

Skiveren Strand is, despite the fact that it begins where Kandestederne ends, a completely different experience. The beach here is not as wide, and it is not possible to drive the car all the way down to the edge of the beach. On the other hand, it is calmer and with a little less people, which for some is one of the great advantages.

Whichever beach you choose, you can look forward to a refreshing swim in the chopping waves.


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Longitude: 10.379504084849

Latitude: 57.661978673096