Toppen af Danmark
Oplev den unikke natur på Grenen toppen af Danmark

Grenensporet - hiking experiences on Grenen

Grenensporet's four hiking routes are an experience for the whole family. Along the way, you will come across information boards with exciting stories about exactly where you are now.

Grenensporet (The Grenen Trail) consists of a total of over twenty kilometers of hiking trails, of which the shortest of three kilometers is made with gravel pavement so that wheelchair users and families with prams also have the possibility to experience the unique nature at Grenen.

The other paths are so-called 'stamped' footpaths, where you follow existing tracks in the landscape via route markings. The longest - the red route which is 10 km, passes all four lighthouses (old and new) on Grenen.

Read this little leaflet, which in three languages tells the stories along the paths.

In the parking lot at Grenen is the Info House, where a physical exhibition tells about the experiences at Grenen.

Grenen parkinglot

Start one of the four hiking routes that together make up Grenensporet right here.



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9990 Skagen


Longitude: 10.622401

Latitude: 57.7384844

If you like hiking, you can book the exciting hiking experience - Skagen Fyrmino, where you along with the guide see all four lighthouses in the top of Denmark. Along the way, the guide tells both about the lighthouses, and a lot of the many exciting stories about the completely unique landscape.

Danish speaking guide only.

Skagen Fyrmino er en helt ny guidet vandretur på 10 kilometer