Grenen Skagen

Photo: Turisthusnord

When you visit Skagen, you have to experience the most Northern point of Denmark - Grenen. Here, you will witness the unique natural phenomenon when the two seas, Skagerrak and Kattegat, meet in an effervescent dance.

One leg in each ocean

Roll up your pants and prepare for the fascinating experience of standing with one leg in each sea, but remember that due to the current, bathing is not allowed.

The current of the water and the powers of the wind result in Grenen being in constant movement, making it an impressive excursion spot as no two visits are the same.

From a historical perspective, the tip has turned to the North but a look at the compass card reveals that the continuous change of the tip has caused it to turn more towards the East than the North.

What else can you experience at Grenen

Skagen Bunkermuseum

Skagen Bunker-museum enables you to explore a genuine German war time bunker.

Restaurant De 2 Have

Here you are guaranteed an exiting experience of the highest quality in unique surroundings. The restaurant offers classic Danish lunch of the highest quality. For more information, please visit us at our website or at our beautiful restaurant - Your wellness is our main focus.

Det Grå Fyr (Lighthouse)

Skagen Grey Lighthouse is an international experience center where you can follow migratory birds on their long journey.