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Drachmanns Hus i Skagen er nu museum

Drachmanns House

The poet and painter Holger Drachmanns house in Skagen Vesterby is now designated as a museum

In the house, which stands much like when the poet died in 1908, you can see about 150 original paintings and drawings.

Drachmann, who was both a painter and a writer, had great success in his time, where he was one of the most famous and beloved Danish poets. Today he is best known for the lyrics to ‘Midsummer Song’ and Skagen's very own “national anthem” ‘Erindring’.

Drachmann was an eccentric artist, and with his long white beard, broad-brimmed hat and cloak, he was very recognizable in the street scene.

He visited Skagen for the first time in 1872 as one of the very first artists, and he inspired many others to follow. It was not until 1902 that Drachmann got his own home in Skagen, when he bought the house and had it furnished with space for a studio.

The house appears as a real artist's home with a decor that reflects its owner's eccentric character. Norwegian folk furniture is mixed with souvenirs from Drachmann's many travels and personal collectibles.

Drachmann's close friends the artist couple Marie and P.S. Krøyer participated in the decoration of the home. Marie Krøyer designed several of the home's furniture inspired by the German 'Art Nouveau' and the Anglo-Saxon 'Arts & Crafts' movement.

Drachmanns Hus

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Drachmanns Hus i Skagen er nu museum


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