Museums and sights in Skagen

Photo: Toppen af Danmark

Why is Skagen such a special destination and what is the root of its unique atmosphere? Part of the answer to these questions can certainly be found in the museums.

Museums of art

Skagens Museum

From the end of the 1870s and up to the turn of the century Skagen was an international meeting place for young artists.

Anchers Hus og Saxilds Gaard

The artist couple, Michael and Anna Ancher, moved into the house on Markvej in 1884.

Drachmanns Hus

Drachmanns Hus is a house and studio museum dedicated to the poet and painter Holger Drachmann.

Historical Museums

Kystmuseet Skagen (local history museum)

The local history museum, Kystmuseet - Skagen, is a combined open-air museum and exhibition centre containing special collections featuring fishing, the lifeboat service and shipping.

Skagen Bunkermuseum

Skagen Bunker-museum enables you to explore a genuine German war time bunker.

Learn about the nature

Det Grå Fyr (Lighthouse)

Skagen Grey Lighthouse is an international experience center where you can follow migratory birds on their long journey.

Skagen Odde Naturcenter

Skagen Odde Naturcenter is beautifully located on the boundary to the nature area north of Skagen.

Naturhistorisk Museum - Skagen Naturcenter(Nature History Museum)

The museum’s exhibitions and tours of the countryside provide great inspiration for experiencing the scenic nature of the region.

Ørnereservatet - Eagleworld

Get close to the kings of heaven - the eagles as they unfold just above the head of the audience. Get close to the big animals and see how the falcone...

Especially for children

Skagens Bamsemuseum(Teddy Bear museum)

The Teddy Bear Museum in Skagen is the first and only one in all Scandinavia

Farm Fun

Farm  Fun for the whole family. At the huge site you´ll find more than 500 animals & birds. Many of which can be stroked. Have fin on bouncy castles, large hay barn, aerial ropeway, fishing cutter, suspension bridge, ect. Lovly beach. Free tractor rides. Fast-food available. New: see o...