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Anchers Hus i Skagen

Anchers Hus - the museum

In Ancher's House, now a museum, two of the most prominent Skagen painters, Anna and Michael Ancher, had their home

The house is left with all interior furnishings, as when it was inhabited by the Ancher family. When you enter you can see the family's large amazing collection of own and other artists' works.

The home and works in Ancher's House provide a personal insight into the artist couple's and the rest of the Skagen painters' everyday life and life with parties. The Ancher couples house were often the setting for the artist colony's gatherings with the Ancher couple right in the center.

The artist couple bought the house in 1884 after the birth of their daughter Helga. At that time, the house consisted only of the long, low building that sits along Markvej.

When the space became too cramped, the architect Ulrik Plesner designed a studio building to the north (built in 1913), which was connected to the original house via an intermediate building. With the expansion, the house gained a stately size which reflected their great success.

Saxilds Gaard

In the large garden that surrounds Ancher's House you will find the yellowwashed Saxilds Gaard, which contains small special exhibitions about the Ancher family. From April to September you will find a café here - Saxilds Kaffestue, where you are served the most delicious cakes and food made from fresh locals ingredients.

Anchers Hus

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Anna og Michael Anchers hus i Skagen


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9990 Skagen


Longitude: 10.5947053

Latitude: 57.726137