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Skagen Fiskerestaurant i Bindesbølls historiske fiskepakhuse

Skagen Fiskerestaurant

Directly by the marina in Skagen at the top of Denmark you will find Skagen Fiskerestaurant

In the legendary red-painted fish warehouses, designed by the famous Danish architect Thorvald Bindesbøll, Skagen Fiskerestaurant has been housed for 50 years with a view of Skagen harbour on the 1st row, with sand on the floors and always freshly caught fish on the menu. Every summer there is entertainment with live music.

The cosy atmosphere from the marina, which is located right outside the door, is led directly into the 'Barstuen' via the large terrace, which can accommodate 150 guests. On the 1st floor, the rooms are brightly and simply decorated with rustic wooden floors and wooden ceilings with clear inspiration from Nordic design.

The kitchen serves everything from fish cakes with an extra delicious accessory, to the 'classic' Skagen Reef - a large seafood platter, with everything good from the sea and the opportunity to choose black lobster as a side-dish.

Here, local beers and other specialties such as bjesk (spiced schnapps) from Skagen Bjeskeri are served with the motto: ‘No lunch at Fisken, without tasting Bjesken’.

Everything is prepared and made from scratch with good fresh and local ingredients. As the name suggests, fish is the central element of the menu and it is fresh seafood that is lifted out of the waters just outside.

Skagen Fiskerestaurant

Tlf. +45 98 44 35 44

Skagen fiskerestaurant terrasse udendørsservering


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Fiskehuskaj 13

9990 Skagen


Longitude: 10.588611351

Latitude: 57.719252605

The seafood platter at Skagen Fiskerestaurant is a well known and famous delicacy - Book your table here

Skagen Fiskerestaurant