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Restaurant HÅKON i Skagen er en herlig perle

Restaurant HÅKON

On the 1st floor at 'Pakhuset' you will find a delicious and exclusive restaurant, where the menu promises pampering for both the stomach and the palate.

With a lovely view of the busy harbour, you can enjoy a fantastic meal in Restaurant HÅKON, which is also called the best kept secret in Skagen. Once you have discovered the restaurant's menu, there are many dishes that entice for more visits.

You can sit in peace and immerse yourself in the most delicious dining experiences. All dishes are made from fresh local ingredients of high class, prepared with care and accuracy. Choose from menus with 3, 4, or 5 dishes - only your appetite can spoil your enjoyment.

Restaurant HÅKON i Skagen har et fantastisk vinkort

Wine menu for connoisseurs

At Restaurant HÅKON you will find one of the largest and most extensive wine lists in Skagen. Here you really have the opportunity to choose exactly the grape or grapes that complement the chosen menu, and together the food and drinks make for an exquisite culinary experience.

Restaurant HÅKON

Tlf. +45 98 44 20 00

Restaurant HÅKON er en lille eksklusiv perle på 1.salen i Pakhuset


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Rødspættevej 6

9990 Skagen


Longitude: 10.58694

Latitude: 57.71856