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Dit Smørrebrød Skagen serverer godt gammeldags smørrebrød, frokostretter samt Mormor mad

Dit Smørrebrød Skagen

Visit the small cosy restaurant, which is located in the beautiful building Ankerhus right in the city center. Delicious old-fashioned open sandwiches are served here, and the evening menu offers delicious food as Grandma made it.

Traditional Danish open sandwiches are served - no nonsense style - to the enjoyment of both locals and tourists.

The restaurant exudes a relaxed atmosphere, and you eat your food in a cosy old-fashioned atmosphere with red and white checkered tablecloths on the tables.

The food is made from scratch with delicious fresh ingredients - or as the chef puts is: 'Made with salt, pepper and love'. Good food takes time, so enjoy a beer or a glass of wine - while you are waiting.

Dit Smørrebrød Skagen collects happy guests and everyone does their utmost to give you a wonderful experience - and for added enjoyment a 'snaps' is recommended - luckily the snaps card offers 10 different aquavits.

Dit Smørrebrød Skagen

Tlf. +45 35 11 11 82

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Østre Strandvej 1

9990 Skagen


Longitude: 10.589983

Latitude: 57.720793