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Jørgens Spisehus på Skagen Havn

Jørgens Spisehus

Jørgens Spisehus is located at the busy Skagen Harbour, where you can follow the buzzing life outside the windows, while enjoying the delicious food.

At Jørgens Spisehus, the most delicious classic fish dishes are served, such as 'Stjerneskud' and pan-fried plaice, as well as several other traditional Danish dishes, such as meatballs and fried pork.

Here you can also order a nice helping of "Dish of the day", which alters every day between several of the many nice dishes on the menu.

At Jørgens Spisehus, good food it is very far from expensive - the prices here are very affordable, and they say about themselves that Jørgens Spisehus is "The place you do not go hungry from".

The café is located on the marina, and the place always exudes a great atmosphere and vibrant life both inside and out.

Jørgens Spisehus

Tlf. +45 98 44 26 24

Spis godt hos Jørgens Spisehus i Skagen


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Sardinvej 7

9990 Skagen


Longitude: 10.584519213463

Latitude: 57.717595335155