Toppen af Danmark
Parkeringspladsen ved Grenen

Accessibility and parking space at Grenen

At Grenen there is a large parking lot with space for both cars, motorhomes and tourist coaches

Find your way to the parking lot at Grenen

When you get to Skagen by car and have a starting point from Skagen city, you will find Grenen by driving through the city along Chr. d. X´s Vej and turn left at the traffic light at Nordjyske Bank / Foldens Hotel. Then you drive north until you can get no further, then you end up in the parking lot at Grenen.

If you do not come from Skagen city, the easiest way to Grenen is via Bøjlevejen, which you find by turning left at the 1st roundabout you meet when you come to Skagen - then follow the signs that show the way to Grenen.

If you are a cyclist, follow the West Coast Route which ends at Grenen, and pedestrians can either choose the same route as the cyclists or walk along the beach.

If you do not want to walk / cycle, and do not bring a car to Skagen, there is a city bus to Grenen from Skagen city for certain weeks during the summer season.

At Grenen there is a large parking lot for cars, motorhomes and tourist buses. Depending on the season, parking must be paid for. Please note that it is not possible to pay with cash.

From the parking lot to Grenen

From the car park you can choose to walk out to the tip of Grenen - the easiest way out there is via the path to the right Grenen Art Museum. If you choose this path, you will pass Drachmann's Tomb. (Note, the last stretch of road to Grenen takes place in sand).

You can also choose to drive back and forth to the top with the "Sandworm". (a tractor pulled wagon).


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9990 Skagen


Longitude: 10.6277683

Latitude: 57.7436094