Grenen Badehotel

Seaside hotels in Skagen

Vacation time - the sun is shining and the beach is just a few hundred metres away. In Skagen you have a wide choice of the best and most renowned seaside hotels in Denmark. 

Seaside hotels - the history

Seaside hotels originate from the 1880s, when the most prosperpous each summer flocked to the coast, especially in Northern Jutland, searching for fresh air and healthy living, as bathing in the sea was now thought to be beneficial for ones health. Vacations at a seaside hotel was also an outward sign of wealth, and a means to show a persons position in life.

In the 1950s, interest in owning a holiday cottage increased, and at the same time, transport opportunities improved so that charter trips abroad became cheaper. This meant hard times for the seaside hotels, but recently these hotels have become popular again as people searching for an authentic and historical experience.