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Brøndums Hotel

Brøndums Hotel

Brøndums Hotel is centrally located in Skagen in the old part of town called 'Østerby', and is highly recognized for its fascinating history and good service.

A brief extract of the history of Hotel Brøndum 

Brøndums Hotel's history begins around the year 1840 with merchant and innkeeper Erik Brøndum and is known as the place where the Skagen painters met. The inn burned down in 1874 and a new building was built - it is today the oldest part of the hotel, and it was used until the architect Ulrik Plesner around 1890 came to Skagen. The inn had then become too small, and Erik Brøndum's son, Degn Brøndum, made Plesner responsible for an extension, which was completed in 1892.

But neither should it prove sufficient. Twice more, in 1897 and 1909, the hotel, as it is now called, was given a large scale, which Plesner designed in the red bricks he preferred. Brøndums Hotel has also in 1915 been expanded with Admiralgården, also designed by architect Ulrik Plesner.

The dining room at Brøndums Hotel was something really unique

Degn Brøndum had had another of the most important architects of the time, Thorvald Bindesbøll, design the dining room at the hotel, so that it became a dining room with the Brøndum family's paintings embedded in wall panels. This dining room was transferred to Skagens Museum in 1946 according to Degn Brøndum's will.

The ties between the hotel and the museum have always been strong. Until 1966, both institutions belonged together; since then they have lived separately, but in mutual respect and understanding of the common heritage that characterizes them throughout both externally and internally.

The hotel has meeting and conference facilities.

Please note,  that there is no TV and telephone in the rooms.

Brøndums Hotel

Anchersvej 3

9990 Skagen

Tlf. +45 98 44 15 55

Brøndums Hotel


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Longitude: 10.598358

Latitude: 57.724901