Råbjerg Mile efterår
The indescribable place high to the north

Stay in Skagen

Parferie i Skagen

Skagen is the top of Denmark

In the highest north there are very special holiday experiences. Formed by the wild nature, you will find Grenen, Råbjerg Mile and the Sand buried Church.

Take-away i Skagen, Frederikshavn og Sæby

You are still able to enjoy a delicious and well prepared meal in your own home, even if the restaurants are closed.

Whats on in Skagen

See our calendar of events in Skagen and find out what you can experience on your holiday.

Top 3 største attraktioner

Top 3 nature experiences

Shaped by the elements and constantly changing, each visit is quite unique.

Grenen Skagen

When you visit  Skagen , you have to experience the most Northern point of Denmark -  Grenen . Here, you will witness the unique natural phenomenon when the two seas, Skagerrak and Kattegat, meet in an effervescent dance.

Råbjerg Mile

This magnificent scenery makes a great destination for an excursion.

Den Tilsandede Kirke - The sandburied church

The church, which bears the name of Sct. Laurentii, Saint Laurence, the seafarer's guardian saint, was probably built in the second half of the 14th century and was, at that time, the largest church in the region of Vendsyssel.

I Skagen venter oplevelser ud over det sædvanlige

Gourmet restaurants in Skagen

Top-class restaurants in Skagen that are approaching The Michelin stars and each year with distinctions in Whiteguide.

Seaside hotels in Skagen

Vacation time - the sun is shining and the beach is just a few hundred metres away. In Skagen you have a wide choice of the best and most renowned seaside hotels in Denmark.

Accommodation in Skagen

Holiday cottage, Seaside hotel, Holiday apartment, Hotels - the possibilities are limitless - check here