Vinter i Skagen er skøn for alle
The exceptional place high to the north

Stay in Skagen

Der er også smukt i Skagen om vinteren

Skagen is the top of Denmark

Highest to the north at the very top of Denmark, Skagen awaits with very special holiday experiences. Here reigns the unique and untamed nature, which for centuries has shaped 'Grenen', Råbjerg Mile and the area near the Sandburied Church.

Top 3 natural must sees

In Skagen, experiences beyond the ordinary awaits

What time of year are you travelling?

Skagen is an unconventional holiday town, because here the town does not close down after the summer. See what happens in the different seasons.

Rubjerg Knude
Forår i Toppen af Danmark


Skagen sommer børn på stranden
Sommer toppen af danmark

Summer in Skagen

Efterår i Toppen af Danmark
Efterår i Toppen af Danmark


Vippefyret skagen vinter
Vinter i Toppen af Danmark