Lysfiskeri Sæby og Frederikshavn

Angling in Sæby

Photo: Michael Jensen

Whether you are on holiday or coming from a long way, you have come to the right place. Sæby is a hidden gem in angling.

Angling in Sæby

The nature of North Jutland is unique. There are beautiful natural areas with lots of wildlife and fantastic conditions for angling! Then grab the fishing pole, enjoy the scenery and catch plenty of fish.

At Sæby in particular, there are beautiful beaches where you can catch scrubs, turbot, hornfish and sea trout. Here are beautiful streams and lakes with sea trout, brook trout, pike and salmon. Whether you are a tanned angler with the latest fishing tackle or whether you are a beginner in the art of catching fish, Sæby has both nature and fishing water for you.

On this page you can read much more about where you can best fish and catch the fish of the season. You can also read more about conservation time, minimum size and local rules as well as where you can get fishing signs and day cards. It is necessary to have a fishing license if you want to fish in Denmark and if you want to fish in the local lakes and rivers you need a day card.

Overview fishing spots


The essentials for the trip

Fishing licenses and fishing permits are required before you can fish, see here where you can buy them. If you are missing fishing tackle you can look into JC Fisk, which is extremely well stocked.

Fishing license and fishing card

Angling is a wonderful activity, where you'll experience the beautiful nature. But remember, it is your responsibility to know the rules before you head out with rod and line. As a angler you need a valid fishing license and fishing card. You'll need to learn the fishing restrictions and t...

JC Fiskegrej og Fritid

You'll find this well-stocked shop, with all the fishing equipment you'll need, at the marina in Sæby.

Shelters in the Sæby area

Look here to find a Shelter around Sæby. Free of charge.