Sæby skov mountainbike

Biking Routes in Sæby

Photo: Turisthusnord

Sæby has nature in bounds, along with plenty of opportunities for biking. Find suggestions for biking routes for mountain biking, racing or just leisure biking.

Mtb-trails near you

You can find terrific mountainbike-trails in all of The Top of Denmark; all within 40 minutes of drive.

Sæbygaard skov Mtb

In the Sæbygaard forest there is the opportunity for a really exciting and fun trail.

Mtb-trail Østervrå

The Østervrå trail was built by volunteers from Østervrå MTB - most of it in 2018. The trail is just shy of 5 kilometers in length and is still being constructed. As such, when driving on the trail, you may encounter parts under construction, so best keep your eyes open! All are welcome on...

Pikkerbakken MTB

In Frederikshavn lies an intense and beautiful mtb track, where you get past the most beautiful view.

Skagen Klitplantage

Skagen Klitplantage (dune plantation), with its position between two seas and its beautiful and varied terrain, is a worthy representative of the many state-owned plantations which since the middle of the 19th century, have been planted along the north and west coast of Jutland as a defens...

If your bike gives out or just needs a tune-up

Cykelgården Sæby

Cykelgården in Sæby takes pride in providing customers with the best service - both in the form of advice on the right choice of bike, financing the bike and of course offering all kinds of repairs to your bike, which will be done within a few days. At Cykelgården in Sæby you will also ...

Sæby Cykler

Bike shop with MTB and ordinary Bicycles - both sale and rental. Sale of lots of extra equipment for bicycles and MTB and a large department with equipment for Motor Cross. There is also a bicycle workshop if the accident should be out.